USD 495.00

PV201 PV Design and Installation

PV201 - IREC accredited 30 hour course:
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USD 425.00

PV202 Solar PV Technical Design

This is an intermediate to advanced level course that instructs on the technical design requirements with residential and commercial interactive PV systems, PV systems with energy storage and wraps up with a cost analysis segment.

USD 325.00

PV210 PV Sales and Cost Analysis

This 12 hour course instructs on identifying the customer's needs and the requirements for sales, financing, incentives, cost analysis and proposal writing for solar PV systems.

USD 185.00

PV221-70(A) PV Circuit Conductor Requirements

PV systems and the 2017 NEC
Six credit hours

USD 185.00

PV221-70(B) PV Equipment and Interconnection Requirements

PV systems and the 2017 NEC
Six credit hours

USD 325.00

PV222 Interactive PV System Configuration

This course teaches advanced design and installation requirements for residential and commercial interactive PV systems. The 12 training hours meet NABCEP advanced training requirements for certification and re-certification.

USD 185.00

PV223 Maintenance and Troubleshooting

This course instructs on failure modes of all PV system components, equipment used for testing PV system components, as well as troubleshooting and maintenance requirements for residential, commercial and battery based PV systems.

USD 325.00

PV224 Energy Storage PV System Configuration

This is an advanced energy storage course that covers all types of PV systems with energy storage, stand-alone, multi-modal and self-consumption.

USD 185.00

PV301 Associate Credential Exam prep

This course will help the NABCEP Associate Credential candidate prepare for the exam through practice tests and formula review.
This is not the prerequisite course to qualify for the exam

USD 65.00

PV403 Inspecting Solar PV Systems

This course is written for anyone who inspects PV systems for code compliance. 2 credit hours - Advanced PV training

PV911 First Responders and PV Systems

Working safely in the presence of a live solar-sourced electrical generator (PV System).

USD 570.00

TS-PV202 PV Design and Technical Sales

PV202 is an IREC Accredited training program for sales professionals.

Solairgen provides training classes for the design and installation of solar PV systems.